SM Hypermarket Cainta now “Happy to Serve”

Its August 13, 2012 my family was just passing by the area of Imelda ave because I live the area of Cainta.  My son and I was talking about if they will be pushing thru the opening of the SM HyperMarket that is once the area of Makro Cainta. Due to the “habagat” that made the delay on construction and the flood waters almost came in the building.

Even with the continuous rain and flood waters almost entered the whole store it doesn’t stop in the opening of  SM Hypermarket Cainta opening just this August 14, 2012.  The opening and blessing is attend by our very own Mayor Mon Ilagan that is very proud having SM Hypermarket to give the Rizalenos good quality service and product.

Also SM Hypermarket turn over 2,00 packs of food reliefs items to the Municipality of Cainta to our Mayor Mon Ilagan for the families affected by the flooding due to the heavy rains.

Opening of the SM Hypermarket Cainta is one spectacular opening that all the employees had prepared a dance number that every customer would smile seeing them perform.




Another performance by the PUP Sanda Kawayan that my son was amazed in how those Bamboo produced sounds most especially the big wind bamboo’s that the men was carrying.




What’s best of it the arrival of Georgina Wilson even with the rain  and the heavy traffic managed to arrive had time to tour around the whole SM Hypermarket. She arrived early and waited until the store opened.



Even with its raining outside people are so excited and patiently waiting for the opening. That is eager to see what SM Hypermarket has in-store for the Rizalenos the promos and discounts.

With the opening of the new store offered buy 1 take one breads, eggs, meat, yogurt, spin dryer, electric fan, rice cooker and other grocery item that I myself availed of the promo. They also prepared bundled items that make you save as 80% off from the must-buy packs.




The only problem that I just noticed that the parking space is located at the back of SM Hypermarket where the old Makro parking is located. To be able to enter SM Hypermarket you need to pass by the muddy access road where the cars go thru to enter their side door. The parking lot have lots of potholes that once your wearing your classy shoes and its raining will surely get muddy and wet.



I asked the guard where we can load our grocery and the appliance that we brought and the only place is the side of the store. Where the the entrance and exit of cars going to the parking lot is located. So every customer that needed to load their grocery in their cars that need to stop at the side of the Hypermarket causes a traffic to both entrance and exit for the parking area.


Verdict: Overall I like the setup of SM Hypermarket very relaxing and easy to find products. They are all well placed and categorized so the customer can see all the products a every customer will need in just one roof. The only thing that need improvement it the parking area and where the pedestrian will be passing by most especially when is raining. Also the loading area for customers that has cars, tricycle and vans so that they can load their grocery or any large items brought.



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