Laundry you made me forget about my first event launch.

I was too pre-occupied in my loads of laundry I all forgot that I have this MANGO Fall collection event launch to attend to. Damn! Now rather than blogging about my first ever event launch I will rather blog about my mountainous laundry that I started sunday night.

I can’t do all the loads all at once coz my baby always wanted to be with me. He cries and scream even my mother or his brother is holding him already. I wash our clothes in one big hamper per night at about 10pm and I hang dry them at about 1am  to 2am. I have lots of breaks that’s why. I try to upload a picture somehow.  Grabe! My back is killing me. Until now I stil have one more load to finish but now maybe later. Need to sleep never got the chance to sleep since yesterday pa. Maybe thats why I completely forgot about the event. Lack of sleep = Can’t think well. grrrrr…


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