Ford Fiesta 1st Anniversary!!!

Do you own a Ford Fiesta? Did you know that Ford Fiesta will be celebrating its 1st Anniversary this coming October 15. This is your chance to showcase your Fiesta and be proud owner. To be able to join the celebration you need to register to get your free passes. The first 30 registrant will receive a free parking slot on the said event.


  • full name of the Fiesta owner
  • email address
  • contact number
  • fiesta model and photo showing the plate number
Send your complete entries to: [email protected] (with subject heading of Fiesta Owners – Facebook)
Join and celebrate with your Ford Fiesta!!!
If you don’t own the a Ford Fiesta but know who has one you can still join the fun just need signed letter from the person under which the Fiesta is registered.
Hmmm…. for me I don’t have a Ford Fiesta can I register my bike instead hehehe!!!

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