Movie Review: The Dictator at Gateway Cineplex

It’s been years the last time I visited Cubao. During my college days that was 90’s I usually shop, dine and watch a movie at Ali Mall. Other than that there is nothing else I can find interesting at Cubao. But now Cubao has new place that people love to hang out can find everything in one place.

I was invited to see a movie with my fellow blogger at Gateway Cineplex. This is my first time to see a movie at Gateway Cineplex.  I took a ride by LRT2 coming from Santolan station. Cubao station is connected to Gateway so its very convient even its raining.  Gateway Cineplex 10 is located at the 4th floor of Gateway Mall. At the 3rd floor of the Gateway Mall you can find their food Express and other fine dining-restaurants that you can eat first before going to the movies.






All cinema’s has only one Snaxx bar where you can purchase your chips and your favorite flavored popcorn and drinks. Beside is the Ticket booth that all the movies showing and their schedule is shown. I like the ambiance on the Gateway Cineplex 10 its like that I am inside the hotel.

 The Dictator

 As what I said earlier I was invited to watch the movie “The Dictator” as first from the title I thought it was serious and about history without checking online about it. When I arrived Gateway Cineplex 10 my fellow bloggers mentioned to me its a comedy movie. I was so happy about it coz lately I been stressed out and need a break and time to relax have a good laugh. We bought flavored popcorn sold by a popcorn man inside the cinema while the movie not yet starting. The popcorn is 60 pesos good for two people not bad at all.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of the fictional Republic of Wadiya visiting the United States, stars alongside Anna Faris and Ben Kingsley. I was laughing out loud when the Admiral changed the yes or no to one word “Aladeen”. The whole Republic of Wadiya is confused if they are answered yes or no. Like the one the doctor was telling to his patient about if he has HIV. The patient answer if he has HIV as we all know that the only answer he could say is “Aladeen”. The patient smiled and has this face confusion if the doctor answered he has HIV or not.

The one I can’t forget that Aladeen definitely needed a Boyzilian waxing. Just seeing him walking with his brief and his amazon forest hehehe showing out on the side of his brief. How can a man feel so sexy if his pubic hair is showing out from the side of his briefs. Now a days men also practice personal hygiene down there its but trimming, shaving or doing the Boyzilian way.  Also Zoey needed underarm waxing seeing Aladeen licking Zoey’s armpits I  was laughing seeing a girl having hairy armpits.

Verdict: As what the others say its a movie that is gross humor the movie is so hilarious that I almost cry laughing out. It really made my night forgetting every problems and stress I have and replaced it with laughter. Until I got home never got over it and still smiling about it. I recommended it to my friends and I even told some part of the story that made me laugh just thinking about it.


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