RAYCOP: anti-allergy UVC vacuum cleaners

My family has been suffering since then of Allergy Rhinitris, asthma and Skin allergy.  The only solution we have is to take antihistamine or just let it pass and sleep on it. Its so hard when I have this attacks of allergic rhinitris. Having those watery eyes, non-stop sneezing and itchy nose and throat.  I just wish that this allergy would just go away but that won’t happen. With the weather, pollution and surroundings we can’t avoid that causes allergies.




Now RAYCOP is available here in the Philippines to help Filipino lessen or eliminate those allergen.  Virus, bacteria or dust mites can’t be eliminated by just sun drying our mattress or carpets. There is a certain level of light and heat that these can be kill bacteria and virus and eliminate dust mites. Raycop has been proven to deactivate the H1N1 Influenza A virus.


During the RAYCOP Philippine launch the program is hosted by Wave 891 DJ jock George.  The board of panel is headed by Mr. Sung Jin Lee – President of Bukang Sems Co. Ltd. , Ms. Catherine Dy – President of Zinven International Corp. and Dr. Manuel Po – Allergologist of Dr. Fe Del Mundo Hospital.




RAYCOP Philippine launch Question and Answer


 They have given away 10 vacuum to 10 lucky media people. But sadly 9 from out of the 10 won are men and 1 woman. I was hoping to get one and hoping to try out for myself.  I co-sleep with my baby 2years old and we usually can’t sleep due to something is biting us to sleep. So everynight I need to spray disinfectant at our bed just to remove those pesky dust mites or mites from pets we have around. It would be great to real try it out and see the verdict about it.




RAYCOP is available at Rustan’s Department Store, S&R, Landmark, Wilcon Builders Libis and soon at Abenson.

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