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Before I hate cat’s they are so annoying especially when they come near you and rub their body at your legs making my pants full of fur from them. I also hate the smell of their poop and pee that makes me go allergy crazy. But before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that was around November 2019 when a small kitten was weak sleeping at our fence. She was friendly because I was able to pet her so I decided to get some water and dog food. Right away she ate and drank and slept afterwards. With that I would see her at our garage and would meow with all her cuteness. Fastforward now she our pet named Dyona and she already had some litter and they are still with us. Yes I know their poop and pee stinks I hate it when they do this inside our house and my parents would get angry but I’m not the kind of person can resist an animal in need.

I was browsing at my facebook account and saw this post from Ascott Makati that they opened their space especially the garage for stray cat within the area. They even provided a place where they can hang-out, eat and drink. This so touching knowing that such known hotel would adopt this furry friends and provide for them.

With the guidance of @pawssionproject they building a better home and providing their needs. I guess once those cat would talk to other cats within the area for sure there would be more cats coming in knowing they will be safe and loved especially by #TeamAscott.

So when you have an event at Ascott Makati slow down and make sure there’s no cat under your vehicle they might be there sleeping coz they love heated place like under the engine. Bring some cat food as well so when you see them you can feed them and if they friendly enough you can pet them as well.

If we get the chance to visit Ascott Makati will update this blog and tell you more about their meow friends.

You may reach out to Ascott Makati team via call at (632) 7729 8888 or email [email protected]. For inquiries and reservations, contact our Global Reservations team via call at (632) 8550 3200 or email [email protected]. Learn more by visiting

photos from Ascott Makati Facebook

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