Aze Ong My Soul’s Light crochet artwork at Museo Pambata


I know Ms. Aze Ong during my taekwondo years and I could say she really a strong-willed person. Now she had fulfilled her dreams to have her masterpieces to be showcased in several exhibits.


Aze OngThis March 2014, noted crochet artist Aze Ong will showcase “My Soul’s Light” at the Museo Pambata. Following several exhibits at some of the Philippines’ top museums, it will be the artist’s inaugural collaboration with the country’s first interactive children’s museum – a fitting tribute to her whimsical works of art. With “My Soul’s Light,” Aze Ong once again aims to exhaust the possibilities of crochet, her chosen medium. Having accomplished a 62 foot long installation last year, she dared herself to go bolder this time around by creating an exhibition masterpiece measuring close to 8x20x20 feet.

It will be her biggest work to date; an enchanting display of interconnected hats, kimono-inspired clothing and squeeze toy artwork, hung entirely from the ceiling. Both the enormity and playfulness of the exhibit promises to draw one in to touch, feel and play with the installation, just as the artist intended.

The physical process starts with the artist’s vast collection of yarn strewn across the floor and with simple chains of single and double hooks, she creates. The cycle repeats itself with every new form and change of color. Working with bold shades to create light-hearted pieces of artistic gems, Aze sets out sans plan nor structure. Losing herself in thought, Aze allows her hands, wrists and arms to dance tirelessly to the rhythm of her senses.

Aze Ong

In the undulating process, she discovers her light, soul and spirit as it takes her back to fond memories of her younger years; the artist’s personal history enmeshed in each weave and pattern. The artist draws inspiration from the mundane. In her words, “no matter how small, they matter.” Spending an average of 9 hours a day crocheting, Aze herself will be in for a surprise.

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The sheer size won’t allow her to appreciate her work in its entirety given space restrictions. The master will only see the full beauty of her creation after the exhibit is formally set-up. As the artist reflects, “it is a big artwork with lots of love, patience, dedication, trust, creativity, sharing, discovery and learning.” Aze adds, “yun pala yung liwanag ng kaluluwa ko. Noon palang, alam ko na ang gusto kong gawin. It took me a lot of time to finally fight for it.”

“My Soul’s Light” will be on display from March 8th – 22nd, 2014 at the Museo Pambata, Roxas Boulevard, Manila. For information, call (02) 523-1797.

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