BenQ Unleash the Battle: Supermom on game mode

Would you ever think or imagine a mom like me would know how to play network games or do strategy games?  If your answer is “yes” then you got it right. It doesnt mean I am a mom would stop me to be a gamer. I know ladies should be going out in parties or shopping. But I am that kind of person would rather stay at home and relax playing games or surfing the net.  To avoid those impulsive shopping and spending so much in dining out.

I started playing games when I was in college and until now I still play games.  I even assemble my own desktop to have my own specification just for my gaming needs.  Of course in gaming you need fast and reliable monitor to be able to play well.

Just recently I was invited to be part of the launch of BenQ Gaming Monitor launch at   Mineski Infinity Katipunan.

They had introduced the BenQ Gaming Monitors, the RL2450H and XL2420T! Upon seeing these monitors made me want to have one. I have here a video of what BenQ gaming monitor can do and what the other monitor doesnt have.


 Here are the list of participants from media and tech bloggers. Yes I am the only lady gamer in the house and being the only one doesnt stop me in joining.

Business Mirror
Daily Tribune
PC World
Gadgets Magazine
Pinoy Tech Blog
Reimaru Files
The Technoclast
Mac’s IT Trend
Gadget Xplorer
Audio Visual Junkie

Philippine Star
Speed Magazine
PC Buyers Guide
Sakura Index
Adventure’s of Myk Rome
Grab Tech Dude!
Tech Update
Qlick Café
The Winner’s Place
Manila Republic
High Gear Full Throttle
Manual to Lyf
Singlemom Supermom

Verdict: I lost the game but I enjoyed it so much. Need more practice coz its been a long time I played.  It would be great to have BenQ gaming monitors to motivate me in going back into gaming.


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