Boboys Iha-Wow at CK Square Cainta

There are times that I have so busy doing my chores or doing my work I forgot to cook and eat. I hate buying lutong kanto because you can see the ulam has been recycled numerous times or not pleasing to see.

UPDATE: Boboys Iha-Wow Cainta already closed after 1 year.

There’s a new restaurant just outside our subdivision will be opening this end of the month and I was privileged to be invited to their soft opening and get to try their dishes that will served on their grand opening this March 27, 2016.

Boboy’s Iha-Wow at 2A and 2B Upper G/F CK Square, Ortigas Ave. Extension, Cainta, Rizal.

They serve Chicken Inasal served with your choice of UNLIMITED RICE, Grilled Liempo, Crispy Shrimp. What I like is their sawsawan Sweet and Spicy Homemade Vinegar.

They served us Garlic Kangkong but for me kinda dry for my taste. I was looking for some more oyster sauce to make it more savory. I ate the Grilled Liempo meal that comes with sawsawan savor, kalamansi and sili.


I liked their lumpia ubod and lumpia prito with their sweet and spicy homemade vinegar. Match it with Sago’t Gulaman and Banana Ube Turon for dessert.

Their prices are abot kaya for your budget. I would wish that they have some soup offered to match up with their menu.

We will be coming back and would try out their other menu like the daing na bangus, Creamy Coco Jelly and halo-halo, Will update you what I can say with this dishes.

If you got to try Boboys Iha-Wow here at Cainta would love to hear your feedback.

UPDATE: Boboys Iha-Wow Cainta already closed after 1 year.


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