Breakfast Sept.12 Vigan Longganisa & Chicken Nuggets

By 4:30 am already finished cooking breakfast. My kids even they slept late they would wake up early because they’re already hungry.  Once they finished up eating breakfast they would watch some cartoons or the news.

I am not that a great cook but my kids look forward to every time I cook for them. Of course when it’s my mom to cook they usually say my cook tasted differently.

Now I just cooked Bounty Fresh Chicken Heart Nuggets my kids wanted it crispy and brown. I know kinda awkward having heart nuggets when all of my kids are all boys. But they never mind of the shape what matters most is the taste.

Bounty Fresh Chicken Heart Nuggets

Bounty Fresh Chicken Heart Nuggets

I whole pack just contain 9 pc of nuggets and a pack of BBQ sauce.

Bounty Fresh Chicken Heart Nuggets

Next in my menu special Ground Meat omelette for my ever-growing, “kulit-bulilit youngest son. He loves eggs with ketchup when eating.

Ground Meat Omellete Ground Meat omelette

Last but not the least from my menu is Vigan Longanisa. I know from my menu it’s a lot but hey what can I do my kids love to eat. Also they are growing kids and having that very important meal of the day should give them a good start.

Vigan LonganisaAs you can see our longganisa was brought during the food expo at Megamall. This longganisa has no food coloring. I hate food that has food coloring.

Vigan Longanisa

Let’s not forget a breakfast is not complete with fried rice.

Fried Rice


I now it’s not much not the other people would have for breakfast. But I am happy joining me and my kids early in the morning for breakfast. We have time to talk during breakfast and just sit and relax and enjoy the food.

** I am not any any way influenced by the company to endorse their product. This is my personal opinion and just want to share our breakfast adventure.


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