CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix : Enjoy without the guilt

For those who want to get slim and don’t have the guilt of gaining those additional Carbs in your body.  Now CrabTrim Ice Tea Mix is now here distributed by Unilab. It has to flavors the apple and the lemon flavor. It contains white kidney bean extract to help eliminate unwanted carbohydrates that eventually turn into body fat. It’s natural extracts that are clinically proven to block up to 66% of carbohydrate intake from the food you eat.

This would be great most especially us women want to have those slim body that we had before we got pregnant. I will try to find it tomorrow and I give you readers my feedback about its taste and feel.

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One thought on “CarbTrim Iced Tea Mix : Enjoy without the guilt

  1. Shai

    Where to buy this??? how many servings per box? thanks

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