Chowking serving tray so disgusting, what happened?

Yesterday we went to SM East Ortigas to do some errands and buy something. We usually do errands planned so we won’t stay long inside the mall.

I was not feeling well and my son suggested that we eat at Chowking to eat hot bowl of mami. So I agree to his suggestion and its been years the last time I was able to eat Chowking.

We ordered dine in and was expecting that our food would be served in a bowl. My son mention to me that if we do dine-in they serve their mami in a bowl with more soup compared to the take-out. So we ordered the wanton mami with siopao. But upon serving to us it was in their takeout paper cups and the contents is so “Kunti”. Also no available sauce for the siopao. Who the heck would order and eat siopao without the sauce? We even asked the crew for the siopao sauce and he answered “wala po kami sauce”. Wala ba talaga sauce ang siopao na d namin alam? So we asked na lang for chili oil and toyo.

What bothered me is the serving tray they have and our tissue with the plastic spoon and fork is placed at this tray. It’s so disturbing that they use such tray that looks like never been washed forever ha. Our siopao is also plainly placed at the tray and I just can’t imagine what other stuff was placed with this tray. “Nakakadiri diba”.

My appetite went zero upon seeing the tray and I didn’t use any of the tissue that was placed at the tray. Exact 2 pcs tissue my goodness. Sorry I was not able to take some pictures due to as what I said I was not feeling well. I’m not in mood to complain to the manager and was already hungry at that time.

Compared to what we got yesterday from this photo it’s way different. The Wanton mami here is almost to the brim of the cup but we got is just half of the cup and look so bland. The taste my goodness as we call it “socks” almost tubig ang lasa. I even put some chili oil it doesn’t made any difference at all. Dapat yata nagbaon ako ng savor or cubes to make it better. Try to think of it paano na yung other food nila na. Dapat pala nag luto na lang ako sa bahay kung ganito lang makakain namin.

This is the one we ordered. Laki ng difference from the ads diba. Siopao kasya sa palad ko sa liit nito. As kung ano itsura nito ganyan lang sya nakapatog sa napaka linis nila tray.

What happened to Chowking quality and taste? I made this post so it will not only reach the branch concern but the whole Chowking. So that they would also check their other branches and do something about it. If ever I did complain at that branch I bet nothing will happen coz I won’t reach the higher people of chowking. Syempre within the branch na lang kasi lalabas they are negligent sa quality nila.

Sorry Chowking I can’t let this pass and I was expecting so much knowing your a very known fastfood. Siguro naman you have CCTV on your store you can even check the time we dined and see that we served with that tray and how disappointed we are about the food.


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