Crunchy Belly until now I want more

Crunchy Belly

From the name you would know Carlos Kitchen is offering. Yes they are offering that mouth-watering crunchy thinly sliced pork belly. I could say like the usual we have the “chicaron”. But this time the used pork belly and sliced it so thinly that once fried it will give that crispness anyone would enjoy.

crunchy belly

For sure you wanted to know their schedules and where to find them. Here is where and when you can find these irresistably crunchy belly that I will come back for more

Carlo’s Kitchen is open at the following markets:

Midnight Mercato – Fri and Sat 10pm to 3am

Cucina Andare – Fri/Sat/Sun 4pm to 3am
Glorietta Park, in front of Makati Shangrila and Hard Rock Cafe Glorietta.

You may contact us at 09273062738 or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Twitter: @crunchybelly


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