Electrolux Discover-E Food Market Cash & Carry

rolux discover-e food marketJust recently had a Electrolux Discover-E food market at Cash and Carry Activity Center. The event was held September 7 to 8, 2013 and different food stalls can be found. One of the food stalls are Dole, Sugarleaf to name a few.

IMAG9452Every two hours they have cooking and product demo for the shoppers to learn a few. One cooking demo was done by no other Chef Rosebud Benites and Chef Bruce Lim.

Chef Bruce Lim

Chef Bruce Lim photo credits from mommy Emiliana Sison

Also in display wide variety of Electrolux products to choose from.

Electrolux Food demo

Sugarleaf making healthy drink using fresh vegtables and fruits.

There are also food demo how to make fresh and healthy cleansing drink using Electrolux products.

Electrolux Discover-E Food Passport

Electrolux Discover-E Food Passport

Once you register you get to have Electrolux Discover-E passport in where you need to complete stamps from participating sponsors. Upon stamp you can get freebies of their product. Some you just need to register your name and contacts. Some required you to like their Facebook page.

Electrolux Discover-E Food Passport

Once you get to complete part of the passport you need then to complete the lower part of the passport. You need to buy some products from the food stalls around the activity area to earn stamps.

So once you completed all the stamps requirements you eligible for a pick a prize. You can get surf, Cif, Domex and Electrolux products.

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