Evolife new hope for chemotherapy and radiation patients

I remember that the time my Aunt is sick with cancer and she needed to undergo chemotherapy. That I saw how hard to fight cancer with the help of chemotherapy and still suffer from its side effects.

We all know that once gone to the process of chemotherapy there would be side effect with your body. Commonly the side effect would be with their skin such as hand-and-foot syndrome, dry, itchy, and cracked skin, redness or radiation dermatitis. Other side effects other than the skin are mouth sores, hair loss, nail changes and excessive sweating.

How hard to experience this most especially when your fighting cancer. The agony of the relatives seeing their love one suffer with this side effects and can’t do anything about it.

But now there is hope for chemotherapy and radiation patients in having that relief from its side effect. This already tried and tested by our filipino cancer patients and they are very grateful to be introduced to this product.

This product is EVOLIFE by Point of Care Solutions (PCSI) and with United Laboratories. This product is introduced in the Philippine market for help our cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

The product is also available in the United States, Europe and other parts of Asia. That reduces and even banish the pain and discomforts from chemo and radiotherapy treatment.



Point of Care Solutions, Inc. (PCSI) is a Filipino-owned company that aims to provide supportive and enabling healthcare solutions to patients and their families.




Managing Director of Point of Care Solutions – Michael S. Avelino cited Evolife products underwent clinical trials in the Philippines in 2011 and got positive results for patients.



Evolife contains unique natural blend from minerals that provide hydration and protection for cancer patients and improve their daily lives. Evolife gave patients the hope that even with cancer undergoing chemo or radiotherapy they can still live a normal life. Evolife will help relief those pain and side effects.







 EvoSkin Hydrating Skin Cleanser provide hydration and protection for the skin.

  • Use daily on the body and face as required. It can be used as often as necessary during treatments for general cleansing purposes.





EvoSkin Gel Cream also provide the hydration after therapy.

  • Squeeze a liberal amount of gel cream onto two fingertips, and apply with a gentle massaging motion to all affected area after therapy and before sleeping.

EvoZac Calming Skin Spray – helps restore the natural balance of the skin of patients undergoing treatment.

  • Spray onto affected areas morning and night or more frequently until lesions have disappeared.
  • Ideal for the face and difficult-to-reach areas (back, hairy areas)

EvoDeo Deodorant Spray – for excessive sweating and hot flushes, and provide pleasant dry feeling without leaving white patches after use.

EvoNail Solution – Hydrating solution that relieves nails of pain, cracks and peeling.

EvoCapil Hair Spray – nourishes hair roots for an itch-free head during the hair regrowth period, and allows the use of wigs or hairpieces in comfort.

EvoDonto Toothpaste – ideal for sensitive and irritated gums. Also helps relieve signs of gingivitis and mucositis.

EvoLip Cream – helps restore elasticity of sensitive and dehydrated lips.


EvoMucy Mouthwash / Mouth Spray – for mouth sores/ ulcers or oral mucositis that present difficult and painful swallowing.

EvoDry Mouth Spray – Instantly relieves and hydrates the throat and mouth when they become dry (hyposalivation) after therapy.


For Inquiries about Evolife and Evolife Products:

Website: www.evolife.com.ph

Cancer Support Group – CSMC Cancer Center located at 10 Wilson st. Greenhills West, San Juan City.


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