Food and Wine Pairing with Jenni Epperson







Even before I started in blogging I am an avid reader of Ms. Jenni Epperson. I love reading her article and also seeing her photos of places, events and food. She had been one of those bloggers that give me inspiration in becoming a blogger. I never planned to be a blogger but with compassion to share experiences and outlook to people is what I want.

Ms. Jenni Epperson will talked about food styling and food and wine pairing. She discussed that it’s not important if you have a DSLR to take photos. It’s all about in how you take a photo that could touch the viewer. That means that like me I only have a point-and-shoot camera and sometimes a mobile cam can still deliver a photo that impress.

  1. Better to use natural lighting that would bring out the natural look of food your taking.
  2. When taking photos of food with wine its better to layer each item to give that layered effect.







She gave lot’s of tips in food photography and wine pairing that made me want to learn more from her.


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