Food experience at Sallianos Restaurant & Bar

Sallianos Restaurant & Bar

Sallianos Restaurant & Bar

I always wanted to discover new restaurant that me and my family would dine in the future. We often go out and celebrate our birthday dining out with my sister and her daughter. This is the only time we get to have a break from home cooking and taste some different dish not commonly served at home.

Just recently was invited to a food review just near our location Marikina. Travel going to our place to Sallianos Restaurant & Bar just takes about 30min even there is traffic from Sta. Lucia Mall.

UPDATE: After one year Salliano’s just re-opened with new management and staffs.

How to Get to Sallianos Restaurant & Bar

I provided here the link of the location of Sallianos Restaurant & Bar if you need help looking it on the map. You just need to copy paste at your browser to get access to it.

9 Guerilla street cor. Gil Fernando avenue, 1900 Marikina City,121.099373?map=14.63721,121.0995,17,satellite_traffic&fb_locale=en_US

About Sallianos Restaurant & Bar

Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar is a modern and casual dining restaurant in the heart of Marikina City. It is founded by a group of friends who have known and been with each other since Grade 1.

They wanted a place in where families will get together and enjoy while dining. Sallianos Restaurant is not only for families but also for friends or barkadas to sit back and relax and away from the busy life.

Upon arriving Sallianos Restaurant & Bar just resembles like single floor house or what others can say a bungalow house. They have this spacious open space where you can sit at their Umbrella sofas. Or if you plan to have a function here you can ask to move the umbrella sofas to have more space for mingling.

There is also a open space if you want to enjoy eating out enjoying the mountain air from Rizal.



UPDATE: After one year Salliano’s just re-opened with new management and staffs.


Sallianos Restaurant Dishes

We got to taste Sallianos Restaurant several dishes but there are few that I like most and surely my family would love.

First in my top list is the Pugon Fried Salliano’s Pork Crackling. We Filipinos love pork and we can’t resist especially taking a bite with that pork crackling. The pleasure of hearing that crunchy sound of the pork skin is so heaven.

Second is the Meatballs ala Sallianos has 3 big meatballs that 3 persons can share. Their meatballs are as big as a fist of person. So if you’re in a tight budget but want to enjoy great food with your 2 friends I would suggest you order this one.

Third is the is the Country Fried Chicken that any age would definitely love. This one is a half-dozen chicken wings and legs fried to perfection to be so crispy.

Last but not the least is dessert the only dessert we got to taste at this time is the Castorones De Sallianos. It’s like a cassava cake ala leche flan to my taste.


Sallianos Restaurant & Bar Menu


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