How to Deal with Nosy Neighbors

Our homes are an oasis that we can customize however we see fit to suit our wants and needs. We want this space to be an area where we can break free and enjoy being away from prying eyes and nosy people. Unfortunately, some neighbors can’t keep their eyes and ears to themselves. We’ve all seen a neighbor who oversteps boundaries and gets far too invested in your life when they shouldn’t be.

Here’s how to deal with nosy neighbors and keep them from driving you up a wall and out of the neighborhood.

Say It Kindly

If the behavior is newer, and you haven’t said anything about it yet, now is the time to stop it thoughtfully. Talk to your neighbor, and phrase it in a way that lets them come out looking good. A great way to put it would be something like, ‘although we appreciate you checking in on us, we’re worried about keeping you busy or stealing all of your time.’ Try to let them down gently; no amount of Arlington real estate is worth hurting a well-meaning neighbor.

Put Up A Good Fence

If your neighbor isn’t as well-meaning and is always nagging you, now’s the time to try and bulk up your security. Putting up a privacy fence may feel drastic, but it can give you six to eight feet of privacy. If you don’t want a big wall in your yard, you can use trees and shrubbery to attempt to shield your home. If you catch your neighbor trying to get into your home, you can install a security system, or even cameras, to keep an eye on who approaches.

Avoid Them

Nobody wants to be that person who has to avoid someone and ghost them- but sometimes it’s necessary. Avoid your neighbor like your life depends on it, and give them the space required to consider what they’ve been doing. If this means attempting to stay out of your yard unless you’re doing yard work, or keeping your curtains drawn until they get the hint, so be it.

Eventually, they’re going to get the point and realize that what they’ve been doing has been unhealthy for everyone involved. You can still talk to your other neighbors and spend time with them, but attempt not to do it in the open too much, or your neighbor may feel like you’re taunting them.

Contact Police or Neighborhood Watch

This step may feel drastic, and that’s because it is. If your neighbor has had problems respecting boundaries, and you’ve tried everything you can think of: it’s time to call in the big dogs. A neighborhood watch or the Homeowners Association could help you- a nosy and pesky neighbor isn’t good for anyone’s property value. If these associations are worth anything, they’ll help your neighbor communicate that what they’re doing isn’t respectful.

If it’s gotten to the point that you don’t feel safe in your own home, or it feels like stalking and harassment, now would be the time to seek help from the police or a lawyer. You deserve to live worry-free in your home.


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