International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo

International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo

International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo has opened its door to companies to take advantage to showcase their products and services in the Philippines. Everybody now is more and more being conscious with beauty, health and wellness.

Ribbon Cutting and program

During the ribbon cutting for the start of the International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo. Ex-Link Management and Marketing Services Corporation organized the expo. That would be great opportunity in both establishment and consumers.

What most has caught my attention are products that are Filipino invented / made.


At first you would just think its Iron holder or such but it’s not that. This invention will help you cut that extra cost in using your Iron.

This is where you can place your iron when not using it. With that your electric meter will not continue in consuming electricity. I don’t know how but this would be very useful for mom’s like me that wanted cut-off from electric bill.




Another Filipino invention that called my attention. We all know that fried food are bad for us because of the cholesterol buildup. But this would give you that chance to grill your food in just using your gas burner.

With this it would be smokeless and you can grill anytime inside your house. What is nice about this invention that is easy to clean.



Other Exhibitors

There are lots of products and services that ay health conscious person would look for.



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