Ipanema Rustan’s Makati one-stop shop

Ipanema Philippines opens for the first time exclusive store in the country their Ipanema Rustan’s Makati. They choose Rustan’s Makati having established in distributing high-quality product for decades.

“We feel this is the perfect time to roll out the brand’s first store,” remarked Mr. Elizalde.

“Rustan’s has given us this opportunity, and we know that we could better serve our customers if we give them more options to choose from, and a larger and more comfortable place to fit their footwear.”

With Filipino’s it does not matter, they wear flip-flops not only for summer but also best for the rainy season. With Ipanema Rustan’s Makati, you can choose from different style to suit your mood and make that fashion statement with along with your clothes.

I own an Ipanema Sidewalk Fems in color grey with SRP P2,495. Walking with my Ipanema Sidewalk Fems is so comfortable the only thing when owning one is not to get soaked in water. To avoid its materials to be damaged.

 Ipanema stylish design

Brazilian culture is filled with lively and exotic spirit. Drawing from this, Ipanema designs its footwear prints using a wide range of colors. In this month’s collection, Ipanema is set to launch classic flip-flop designs that are patterned on simplicity and sophistication.


With Ipanema’s latest footwear designs, you do not have to choose one over the other. This type of footwear is not just meant for functional comfort; rather, it serves to stylize a wide variety of outfits.

“You don’t have to wear stilettos just to be fashionable,” Mr. Elizalde remarked.

“Fashion is about creativity and expression. Look at it this way: your body is the canvas, and your clothes and accessories are the paint.”

“Our classic latest designs are flexible in terms of style—meaning they can easily complement whatever you want to wear. Because Ipanema is known for its quality, design and functionality, it is ideal for us to set up an exclusive store in Manila where a lot of Filipinos are known to be creatively fashionable.”



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