Jollibee Family Bee Day Grand Picnic at Pampanga

Jollibee Family Bee Day Grand Picnic Day

Just this May 10, 2014 Jollibee Philippines held the grandest family picnic held in five different venues across the country simultaneously. Places are the Quirino Grandstand for Metro Manila, Bayanihan Part in Pampanga, Nuvali Football Ground in Laguna, Crocodile Part in Davao and Plaza Independecia in Cebu.

Jollibee Family Bee Day Main


Jollibee Philippines was eyeing for the biggest family picnic held in the country that the whole family will enjoy and have fun.

My family was able to attend the Jollibee Family Bee Day at their Pampanga venue. It was hot sunny day that time even though we already arrived about 2:30pm already. Everybody inside the venue you could see them taking shelter under the trees and tents.

Jollibee Family Bee Day venue


Attractions you could see in the area are one big inflatable slide, basketball hoops and the giant picnic basket in where you can post to take your picture. Attendees are all given Red Jollibee caps to fight the heat rays of the sun.



The show approximately started around 3:00pm with performance of my favourite band 6Cyclemind singing their top hits.



Celebrity performances also done by Julia Barretto and Shaina Magdayao who lip-sync their way in their songs. With Raver Cruz, he dance and sang live and everybody was enjoying his performance. Lead dancers and Jollibee mascots also performed and gave their best in dancing for the audience.



Overall – Jollibee Family Bee Day Picnic – Pampanga

I like the concept of having an event in where families can go out, enjoy, and play outdoors while with live performance. There are a few things I would love to be improved just in case Jollibee will plan to make this as an annual event.

  • If you could notice in my pictures and video there are many people standing around. We called it a picnic that means people should had laid their picnic mats and sat down while enjoying the show. I was disappointed with the other people was disrespectful stepping in our picnic mat just to get themselves close to the celebrity that is near our area.
  • Organizers should made it a point that everybody should be sitting in their picnic mats and nobody should be standing so that everybody will enjoy the show and have that family picnic together. The event did not look like for me a picnic event but a concert ground.
  • I just heard some people complaining that the drinks that comes in the package is not even chilled. With the hot weather, everybody was looking for atleast a chilled bottled water. The package contained burger, peach mango pie, pineapple juice and bottled water.
  • I was expecting a live streaming from the different venues would be great so that people from different part of the event can ask how they are doing or just how’s the weather.


I hope if this would be an annual event more people will get to join the fun and have that bonding time for a change with live performance and celebrities. Thank you Jollibee and my family enjoyed your event hopefully improvement will be made next time. I asked my kids if this event would have next year they all responded “YES”.


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