KFC Garlic Butter Chicken Bucket Meal Experience Yay or Nay

Last week was able to try the 6-pc KFC Garlic Butter Chicken Bucket Meal at Libis – August 13. It’s much economical than ordering separate orders per person. I call this experience because this is not sponsored or paid review.

I was not able to get a nice photo of the meal coz we’re so hungry because we haven’t had our lunch and it’s already 3 pm.

Upon digging in the bucket not all of the chicken pieces are coated with the garlic butter glaze. It contains 3 leg parts and 3 wing parts that we received. As fixin we got 1 buttered corn, 1 mash potato, 1 macaroni, and baconized fries.

We like the idea of having to try something new from KFC for a change. The glaze has this slight kick of spiciness I guess because of the garlic. I just wish that they add more glaze to coat all the chicken. I just hate the parchment paper at the bottom because it’s just sucking all the juices of the glaze. But once you get inside of the chicken you’ll be needing gravy for this coz the glaze is just good at the outside of the chicken.

No Garlic Buttered Rice!

A few days later I was getting hungry and was thinking of ordering delivery from KFC. But upon checking the website they don’t offer so much. All chicken bucket they only have 6 pc chicken. Also, there’s no option to make the chicken into a garlic buttered chicken.

I was able to check out their post on Facebook the photos says that the rice should be a garlic butter rice. But the time we ate it was only in plain rice. So what happened to our garlic butter rice during our dine-in? Why offer Garlic buttered chicken if you don’t have garlic butter rice with it. I commented on their Facebook about it and still waiting for a response.

But upon scanning the comments about KFC buttered chicken this is what I got “If I want garlic rice sa 2pcs pala, i have to buy it separately daw for 30 pesos.” So if I understand that if you want to avail of the garlic butter rice this is a separate order or add-on. So why have a poster if the garlic butter rice does not automatically come with the meal? KFC Facebook post clearly says that it “COMES WITH GARLIC BUTTER RICE”.


If you’re going to read food reviews about this one they all didn’t mention the garlic buttered rice is additional.

For people asking how much is the bucket meal

The 6-pc bucket price is ₱610.00* that comes with 3 garlic butter rice, 3 fixins, and 3 drinks. While the 8-pc bucket for ₱794.00* comes with 4 garlic butter rice, 4 fixins, and 4 drinks.

*This is not sponsored and all option is not influenced by anyone.
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