I love cars even I’m not a dude but who says anything with wheel should be for boys only. I attended the Lateral Drift Round 9 yesterday with m boys and it was like watching Tokyo Drift filipino style. The event was held at Parang Marikina Barangay Plaza and if your not familiar with the place. You won’t get loss you just need to follow the jeepney going to Parang and a few blocks away you can hear roaring and the smell of burning of rubber. W e arrived at the venue about 4:30pm and it’s so hard to find a parking slot. It’s a good thing we went at the back and was able to enter the competitor’s parking.hehehe…. Honorable Mayor Del De Guzman, Kap. Levy ‘Tatang’ de Guzman, and Kagawad Ronald Zulueta was there to give some opening remarks before the championships start. Even the weather was crazy for the past days it never stopped the push through the championships. Lucky when its time to start the race the rain has stopped all through the night.



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