Maxi-Peel Gandang Career Caravan

Women being dynamic and independent this day of age. What can men can do women are also able to do the same. But now women are so focused with their careers that some are successful and some are stuck with those crappy work.

One common that other women experience is that they don’t have that self-confidence to venture to new career that they will love.

This year Maxi-Peel just launched Gandang Career for women. Maxi-Peel Ganda Career is a movement that will help working women to gain confidence and renew enthusiasm. Embrassing that change in looking at things and recognizing the value and potential  as a professional.

The Maxi-Peel Gandang Career  Caravan will be having a visiting corporate offices nationwide giving talks on personality development, skill enhancement and leadership training. There would be free consultation with the dermatologist on skin care will be available. Giving women a fresh perspective about work.

To learn more about the Maxi-Peel Gandang Career you can log on to www.facebook .com/MaxiPeelSkinCare.

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