McDonalds Fry Holder on the road

My kids and I love snacking even in the middle of the night. We would often go out and go drive-thru fast food chains within our area that are still open. One of my kid’s favorite is McDonalds especially the fries.

We order up any meal with large fries and McFloat to go with it. One frustration I encounter while driving. That all of my kids already munching their way with their fries I cannot do the same coz I am driving. I would place my fries at my lap while I drive just to be able to eat. I do not want to wait up to arrive home or else my fries will be soggy already.

Now upon knowing McDonalds came up a McDonalds Fry Holder for us drive-thru fans. Just add P45 to your Drive-Thru purchase of a medium or large value meal from August 11-23 only!

mcdo fryholderHowever, upon checking this McDonalds Fry Holder yes it could hold up your fries but still you need to have an existing cup holder to begin with. So if your car is not equipped with cup holders this McDonalds Fry Holder would be just a waste of your P45.


However, if you only have one cup holder in your car I guess you need to decide which one would be your priority your drink or your fries. If you got that extra cupholder to spare, go and take advantage of this one.

I just hope that McDonalds would come up a McDonalds Fry Holder that would not require a cupholder to begin with.

You can avail of the McDonalds Fry Holder by Drive-Thru and while supply last.

mcdo fry holder now

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