Meralco MoVE app re-launch


Meralco has just re-launched their Meralco Virtual Engine or better known as Meralco MoVE app. The Meralco MoVE app is both available in iOS and android.


Giselle Sanchez

Giselle Sanchez







The launch was held at the Meralco Lighthouse and host by the sexy and comedian Giselle Sanchez.










The program was start by Ms. Deza Lim – Asst. Vice President and Head of Marketing. She talks about why the reason in the re-launching of Meralco MoVE.



Ms. Deza Lim – Asst. Vice President and Head of Marketing

Deza Lim – Asst. Vice President and Head of Marketing



Mr. Marco ManalacMeralco Marketing Communication Analyst also demonstrated to us in how to use the Meralco MoVE app. To know more about the Meralco MoVE app you can check our tech site at this link: MoVE

Knowing that people are more conscious of their electricity usage nowadays, Meralco developed this app to make managing consumers’ electricity spending better. One of the key features allows users to compute their power consumption based on their appliances’ cost per hour and length of use per day and week.


Madame Giselle

Madame Giselle



During the program, she plays Madame Giselle, a fortuneteller who identifies the electricity-wasting bad habits of each Zodiac sign and gives advice on how the MoVE app can help them. Watch the videos on Meralco’s YouTube channel.



In addition, while Madame Giselle tells its fortune of each Zodiac signs in relation in abuse and usage of our electric bill.

Do all of these in this cool app:

• View your previous and current month’s bills
• Track your daily, weekly, monthly household consumption
• Forecast your daily, weekly, monthly consumption per appliance
• Find the nearest Meralco business center or Bayad Center
• Read news and learn about the latest power interruptions
• Get energy saving and safety tips

The MoVE app is available free, on both the App Store and Google Play. For details, visit


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