Milk Code bans donation to Taal Evacuation Centers

Department of Health bans donation of breastmilk substitute during disasters accordance Executive Order 51 or the Philippine Milk Code and DOH Administrative Order 2007-0017 (Guidelines on the Acceptance and Processing of Local and Foreign Donations During Emergency and Disaster Situations). Philippine Milk Code (Executive Order 51) “prohibits donations of infant formula, breastmilk substitutes, feeding bottles, artificial nipples and teats during emergencies.



DOH wanted women to continue breastfeeding during emergencies until 6 months. Children six month and above should receive complementary food along with breastmilk.

Along with the ban feeding bottles, artificial nipples and teats due to that there is no enough clean water and facilities to clean and sterilize the feeding bottles and teats.

If mother can’t breastfeed she can express her breastmilk and fed by cup. Another solution would be for a breastfeeding from healthy wet-nurse or human milk from milk bank fed by a cup with the supervision of health and nutrition worker.

Here are some comments and concerns
  • I am a breastfeeding advocate and I know that moms milk are more nutritious plus makes infant feel protected and safe because of the motherly love and care it provides.. but we must understand that not all mothers can produce enough milk for their young .. especially now that they are still in the state of shock and in a problematic situation because of what is happening right now, plus they are not given enough nutritious food at the moment.
  • I’m all about promoting breastfeeding BUT this is a catastrophe no one, not one baby, one mother, was ready for. They have already gone through SOOO MUCH! We cannot wait for them to go dying and then finally feed them what is banned.

    Mothers are also going through a rough time, and stress, anxiety and fear may also contribute in them not producing enough breastmilk for their child. 😢💔

  • This is like saying to adults, you are prohibited to eat instant noodles and canned goods as you risk malnutrition. Come on people, this is an emergency. Did you ever think of the mothers who has been bottle feeding since their child was born? Do you expect their breasts to magically produce milk during this time? Babies will die if you continue to impose this.

I also breastfeed my children and with the shock and stress being evacuated will take toll for moms not to produce breastmilk. Mothers to be able to produce breastmilk should be properly relax, stress free and provided with consume proper nutrition.

How about moms that right from the start gave breastmilk substitute to their babies. Due to some reason they didn’t produce enough milk or none at all. Would they let their babies starve to death because our government not allowing of milk donation.



I would suggest put up a table in where they have a health workers would be the one preparing for the breastmilk substitute. They will label the bottle with the name of the baby and once finished the mother will return the bottle to be sterilized. So that once they need again for the formula the worker will get the labeled bottle with the baby name. They could give waivers to moms that after giving them the formula the mothers are responsible in the handling of the bottle. Or if they wanted to be strict about this mothers can give the formula and requiered to give at the baby station only. They not allowed to leave the location and required to consume the formula at the area.

If you have suggestions please don’t hesitate to pm me so we can forward to offices in charge.



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