Milo Summer Sports Clinic for your children this summer

Summer is here and all the kids are in their summer vacation. Now it’s the time in where we as parents think of ways what would our kids would do during this summer to more productive.

Rather than ending them up just playing video games from their game consoles like the PlayStation, WII or Xbox. Why not get them involved and into sports to keep them active and I could say moving.

I is a Milo Summer Sports Clinic Coach of Taekwondo before and I could say sports is the best outlet for kids this summer.

In Milo Summer Sports Clinic you are assured that all trainers and coaches had formal training and accreditation of their specialized sports. Like myself I am a Certified Taekwondo Blackbelt of the Philippine Taekwondo Association and been teaching kids ever since.

Sonic Kickers

During the National Inter-School Competition at Ninoy Aquino Stadium. I miss my Sonic Kicker team. You could see they all started as white belts but because they love the sport of Taekwondo. They learned discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork they became Champions.


Milo offers various sports that our children can choose from and would love to try. It’s a matter of asking them and let them try out for themselves to know what sports they love the most.

Yes at first it would be frustrating that the first sport you child tried is not that much interesting to them. So don’t stop there but try another sports until they find that sport would interest them even during school year.

“MILO is committed in helping Filipinos live an active and healthy lifestyle.That’s why this summer, we’re encouraging parents to sign their kids up for the MILO Summer Sports Clinics so that they can make their kids make the most of their vacation by getting into sports,” said Robbie de Vera, Sports Marketing Executive of MILO Philippines, during the ceremonies.


Dedicated in widening its reach to children with different interests, MILO also announced that it is partnering with new organizations in adding three new sports in this year’s roster: GOLFMIX Philippines for Golf,the Philippine Fencing Association for Fencing, and the Triathlon Association of the Philippines for Triathlon.

“We are excited to welcome our new partners in bringing Golf, Fencing, and Triathlon into our roster of sports. We assure the parents that these new sports partners will uphold the quality associated with the MILO Summer Sports Clinics so that their children will get the best training,” added Robbie.

As Milo Moms don’t forget to give your kids MILO with ACTIV-GO that will help energize both body and mind to give that winning energy.

As parents and moms out there sports should never stop this summer. If your child love the sport – help him/her and support them even during school days. Just set a schedule for training and school work. Next thing you know your already building a champion. 

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