“My HouseHusband: Ikaw na!” – must see movie this Christmas


  A few hours ago I just attended the Grand Bloggers Conference  for the movie “My House Husband: Ikaw Na!”. This is the first time I attended a bloggers movie conference and I was so happy to get up close and personal with the main cast of the movie. Present during the event are OctoArts Films Chairman Orly Ilacad, Kat Ilacad, Rocco Nacino, Renz Valerio, Eugene Domingo and let’s not forget the wonderfull couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos. The last time I saw Judy Ann was when we where elementary we come from the same school with her brother jeffrey and sister Jack.  I think she is lower grade than I am its been years has passed and now seeing her is a big difference. With Ryan I often see him in the drifting circuit my two sons idolize him being a great driver. The last time we saw him was at Parang the Drift competition a months ago. When the couple started making movies together I never miss a beat to watch them.

Let me give you a brief idea of the movie that I am assure that the whole family will enjoy when you get to watch the movie. Ryan Agoncillio played the role as (Rod) worked as a bank manager and Judy Ann Santos played the role as (Mia)  a stay at home mother taking care of their two kids. Before Mia sells insurance but she stopped and became a housewife. As we all know that a husband is the head of the family and the should be the bread winner that provide for the famly. The wife are usually the one responsible everything about the house and the kids. As we guessed Mia became successful in her career and Rod became the HouseHusband of the house.

Eugene Domingo plays the role as (Aida), the neighbor of Rod and Mia. Aida is a kept woman of a rich man that occasionally visit her and her son to spend the night. With the filipino culture as I can say when they see this kind of setup usually neighbors can’t stop talking about it. Aida and Rod became close friends that Aida showed Rod how to be a good caregiver and the manager of the house. It’s just natural for the wife Mia to get jealous and insecure about the closeness of Aida and Rod.

To make the story short Rod decided to find a job and Mia will need to stop her career to give way on Rod’s to be the bread winner again of the family. Aida had learned to move on and that she can only depend on herself with the help of Rod.

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During the conference bloggers and media asked different questions from personal to the movie related. The cast answered all of the questions with delight and without hesitation at all. I won’t be surprised that Ryan Agoncillio will be voted as Best Actor for playing the role of Rod. Judy Ann Santos for for the best Actress and of course Eugene Domingo for the Best Supporting-Actress. For Best Director I will be voting for Direk Joey that been no stanger to awards.

“My HouseHusband: Ikaw na!” as what other viewers might think is not a follow-up of their past movies Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo and  Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo. This movie is different from the two and they wanted to emphasize of Ryan as Rod the “HouseHusband” and for Judy Ann as Mia for “My”


Starring: Judy Ann Santos Ryan Agoncillo Eugene Domingo “Mia” “Rod” “Aida”
Agot Isidro Francine Prieto Miriam Quiambao Roco Nacino Renz Valerio Derrick Monasterio Lexi Fernandez
Special Participation: Boots Anson Roa Dante Rivero Bobby Andrews Shalala
Also Starring: Lui Villaruz Sabrina Man Lance Diaz John Aaron Novilla
Directed by: Jose Javier Reyes


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