Nelly Furtado and Gym Class Heroes at the Araneta Coliseum

OAfter the days of rains and flooding its time to take a break and enjoy the good weather. I just remember the last time I watched a concert at Araneta Coliseum also known as the “Big Dome” was when I was still in college. Lot’s have changed and improved and can say that Araneta Center really won’t allow to be left out from the other establishments and malls out there.    So this would be like the first time entering the place because its been years the last time I got to enter the Big Dome. I asked the friendly staff from the ticket booth and showed my ticket to where I need to enter. They showed me I just need to enter the big green gate lobby located at the side of Farmers. Upon entering guards will be checking your bag and I would just remind when your going to watch a concert DSLR cameras are not allowed. Your just allowed when you have a permit to bring it inside.     Once inside you can see wide selections of fastfood chains so you can buy and take a snack during the show. Also you can see and ask for assistance from the Araneta staff in where you can ask to which way and what door you need to go.   At the door entrance ushers with flashlights will be guiding you to your seat so you don’t need not to worry how will you how to find your seat.

Nelly Furtado and Gym Class Heroes Concert 

I was going to watch the concert of Nelly Furtado and Gym Class Heroes. I entered the Big Dome the concert already started and the Gym Class Heroes are already singing and people are standing infront of their seats and some are in the aisle. People are singing along with the Gym Class Heroes and enjoying the music.

 A short video of the Gym Class Heroes



The second half of the concert is Nelly Furtado. I am one great fan of Nelly I love her songs most especially “I’m like a bird”.  With her newest album just released this April 2012 named “Big Hoops” (The bigger the better). She sung her one of her song from the the album “The Spirit Indistructable”




 Here’s  Tony Duncan the Native American- World Champion Hoop Dancer showing his skills in Hoop dancing alongside Nelly Furtado Concert here in Manila.




One of our very own Eunice of Gracenote earlier performed with the Gym Class Heroes. She also joined Nelly Furtado in her singing the very known “I’m like a Bird”. What great about it Eunice while singing she translated her part of lyrics into tagalog. So Nelly Furtado singing her part in english and Eunice in tagalog. This is also a great exposure for our filipino singers joining international performers. You can see in my video that even the song is now new people still love the song.



I enjoyed the concert so much and with so lots of new places to go at The Araneta Center I will surely come back.





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