Nonoy Zuniga getting know and Hanggang Dito new song

Nonoy Zuniga and Me

Nonoy Zuniga and Me

A very close mommy blogger texted me is I am interested in video interview a singer even in a short notice. Of course I said yes because I love taking videos either using my videocam or my ever reliable cellphone. Upon accepting the offer she told me I will be interviewing no other than the Balladeer Nonoy Zuniga. Oh my! I was so excited upon knowing it.

If my mom and my sisters knew that I’m going to meet Mr. Nonoy Zuniga surely they would like to tag along. I remember when I was young they will always play songs of Nonoy Zuniga especially the song Never Say Goodbye and Kamusta Ka.


So morning comes even without sleep I packed up my stuff and my tripod and heading to the meeting place. The interview is just a roundtable discussion for that up close and personal interview. My son asked me who the person I going to interview and I told him it’s Nonoy Zuniga. At first he is clueless who is Nonoy Zuniga but when I started mentioning his songs right there and there he was excited as well.

Now he has a new album Hanggang Ngayon Composed by Cristina Suzette del Rosario. It’s about pain and heartache in relationships couples encounter. Nonoy Zuniga already performed concerts at Davao and General Santos City.

“I know a lot of people can relate to Hanggang Dito. It is a song that sends a message of love to the broken hearted. The moment I sang the first line, they enthusiastically applauded, even if it was the first time they were hearing it. In fact, some members of the audience were left teary-eyed after the song,” relates Nonoy. “I do hope to include Hanggang Dito as the carrier song in my album set to be released early next year.”


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