NOVUHAIR: The answer to hair loss

I always encounter massive hair fall that I can usually collect my hair and make it like a ball of strings. I worry that there would come a time that this hair fall would go permanent and I will have thinning of hair and bald patches. I tried a few products that would lessen my hair fall and would make my hair grow again. But they are so expensive and so depressing about it not that effective.

Who would not know the make-up artist-to-the-stars Fanny Serrano. During his NOVUHAIR press launch he would tell his story about his struggles in hair loss. He has so friendly and funny during the event that I listened to every word he tell. He also mentioned that he only promote products that he himself tried and tested.

He gone to the stage where he had massive hair loss that would result to thinning of the hair and having those bald patches. He also searched for that one product that would solve his hair problems. He tried expensive and imported products from supplements to organic topical ointments. But still none of them worked at all.

He has to resort in wearing a wig to cover up those bald patches and so that people won’t get to notice his thinning of hair. He has to still maintain a good image to his client’s and people seeing him.

One day he came to this store just and unexpectedly saw the NOVUHAIR Topical Lotion. Usually once we know its locally made we are skeptical and hesitant to try it. We would rather use the products that is imported or the well known. But Fanny said there is no harm in trying. With full of amazement in two weeks time his hair started to grow.

 Because of such amazement from the product he looked up and got in touch of the company that made NOVUHAIR, Nutramedica. Without any hesitation from both parties they had collaborated and the company Nutramedica was so happy that Fanny Serrano will be helping them in promoting their product.


NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug, Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, South Star, Manson, NCCC (Davao and Palawan), Cory Quirino World of Wellnes Store nationwide, and online on Call 413-6570 or (0922) 883-0575 and visit for more details.


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