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As a sport addict and a mom I tend to abuse body and push to the limits. I done badminton, wall climbing, volleyball, aerobics,  and my extreme is martial arts.  I love to challenge myself to how will tolerate the pain that will give me. No pain no gain as what they say. But now as a mom I stopped being a sports addict to mom / dad to my kids.   Now I feel the pain on my joints and back pain for some time. Never tried it yet but I will give you a follow up about this but from the looks of it my pain will be answered.

Ms.Michelle Natividad, Dr.Don Juan Moore Jr, Mr.Paul Haboc

I was given a chance to attend a bloggers meet to NY Theraspine Clinic that would give answers to my pain. The event was filled with tips and demonstrations regarding to Chiropractic method to mysofascial technique release and sport related injuries it was hosted by the award winning chiropractor and physical therapist accredited abroad they are Ms.Michelle Natividad the clinic owner and a registered physical therapist, Dr.Don Juan Moore Jr.the resident wrestler/chiropractor and Mr.Paul Haboc the sport injury Specialist.

NY Theraspine is a place when you have pain or injuries.  Postural problems,scoliosis,  Carpal tunnel, hand pain, Stress, tension, Spinal slipped disc, or just a plain head ache or migraine? They offer both full chiropractic and physical therapy treatment.

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