OLX.Ph new music video Yesss, Yaman Movement

Awaken your sluggish spirit with the new Yesss, Yaman! music video from OLX.ph, the biggest C2C buy and sell platform in the country. The promotional clip features a catchy jingle that tells sellers how to easily sell pre-loved items online: Halina at tayo’y magbenta. Sa OLX ka pumunta. Ang hindi na ginagamit, cellphone, TV o damit, ibenta na sa OLX!.


The new music video depicts the transformation of Barangay Matumal (sluggish)to Barangay OLX—a lively and self-motivated community where residents know how to declutter homes from unwanted stuff and earn extra cash from selling these things online.


The music video reflects the growing popularity of selling pre-loved items on OLX.ph. Since its rebranding in March, the site has been getting an average of 25% new sellers and 10% more ad listings per month —  thanks, in part, to the success of the Yesss! Yaman! Movement, which has visited key barangays in the country to promote financial literacy and provide assistance to locals who want to sell used items online.


With the video’s release, OLX.ph managing director RJ David is positive that the Yesss, Yaman! Movement will be able to reach a larger audience and bring more people to sell their 2nd hand items online. “As what the video affirms, you don’t have to be a merchant to sell stuff on OLX because it’s for everyone. There are also buyers for almost anything you want to sell. So I urge you to sell the unused items that are only taking up space in your home. OLX them and say ‘yes’ to yaman!” says David.
Produced by OnMedia and directed by Jet Leyco, the Yesss, Yaman! music video will be shown online, on LCD screens inside office buildings, and on LED billboards across the country. You can also catch it on YouTube at http://youtube.com/olxph.


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