Otterbox Armor Series from Tenkiebox


Who among you would like your beloved mobile phone damaged by water, crushed or broken into pieces. I would not like to experience that having that hard-earned money for my gadgets.

Otterbox Armor Series


Now Tenkiebox authorized dealer of Otterbox is now giving us the chance to have the total protection we need. No other than Otterbox Armor Series for IPhone 5, 4/4s, and Samsung S3.

Before Tenkiebox got hands on the Otterbox Armor Series I already know about the release date in the States. I usually order my stuff in the U.S. and let my relative to ship it here. But they don’t have Otterbox Armor for my mobile phone well need to find another brand. How I wish I have a IPhone 4/4s/5  or a Samsung S3 and put the test on Otterbox Armor Series.

Armor: Slightly more expensive, shock/pressure proof up to 2 tons, waterproof, no belt clip/holster, slimmer/less bulky design


Otterbox Armor Series Details



Otterbox Armor 1

Otterbox Armor 4


Otterbox Armor 5

Otterbox Armor 6

Otterbox Armor 8

Otterbox Armor 9

Otterbox Armor 10

Otterbox Armor 11

Otterbox Armor Series Box

Otterbox Armor Series Box

Whether it’s swimming, biking, hiking, trekking, or mountain climbing, you’re sure to have a blast this summer with the new OtterBox® Armor Series®!

You can purchase at the Otterbox Kiosk or order it online.


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