Otterbox Pursuit Series Review

Otterbox Pursuit Series Being frustrated not having the right case for my phones. I decided to get the Otterbox Pursuit Series instead. Otterbox Pursuit Series

  • 100% waterproof dry box
  • Protect against water, crush, drop and dust.
  • Easy to open highly secure latch
  • Lockable carabiner loop makes it easy to tether
  • Internal cushioning acts as a barrier for impact


We we’re invited to an event going to Laiya Batangas and we taught this would be a good time to try to test out our Otterbox Pursuit Series. We got the Otterbox Pursuit 40 because it can contain both my HTC Butterfly and my Nokia Lumia 800.

Otterbox Pursuit

The Otterbox Pursuit 40 Series:

  • Exterior dimensions: 2.05” H x 4.75” W x 6.95” D
  • Approximate Interior space: 30 cubic inches
  • Holds: Phone, keys, sunglasses, wallet
  • Easy to open latch
  • Tether/belt loops
  • Lockable carabiner loop
  • Internal cushioning
  • Webbed partition

Otterbox Pursuit in waters

The Otterbox Pursuit 20 Series:

  • Exterior dimensions: 1.65” H x 3.85” W x 5.60” D
  • Approximate Interior space: 15 cubic inches
  • Holds: iPhone and a key fob
  • Easy to open latch
  • Tether/belt loops
  • Lockable carabiner loop
  • Internal cushioning

What is nice with the Otterbox Pursuit 40 series of having the webby partition. I can place my two smartphones and never to worry for them to scratch each other.

Another thing is I could put a carabiner loop for secure latch. Also I don’t have to worry because the Otterbox Pursuit is crash proof. So any impact with the water and rock at the beach won’t be a problem.

If you’re the kind of person like me loving water and still wanted to bring along your mobile phone or any stuff needed not to be wet. You can try the Otterbox Pursuit 40 Series or you just need your mobile phone to be protected you can get the Otterbox Pursuit 20.

Otterbox Pursuit

Just a reminder once your going to bring your Otterbox Pursuit to salty waters don’t forget to rinse it with water after dipping in. Salt water can easily rust your Otterbox Pursuit.

We have a short video showing how we placed Otterbox Pursuit to the test and getting good results.


Otterbox is one of the brands that I love most when it comes to protection. It’s just sad they didn’t have casing for my phones. I also have a smaller drybox where I put my keys in it every time I travel and during the rainy season.

Otterbox is distributed by Tenkie Box Concepts you can check your their website at You can also visit their kiosk that is almost located all the major malls at the cyber area.


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