Pizza Hut Cheese Burger Pizza and Star Trek

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Poster I was invited to a BLOCK SCREENING to STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS at Gateway Cinema 6 by Pizza Hut. We got to sample the new Pizza Hut Cheese Burger Pizza before the movie starts. Cheese burger patties in the crust with your favorite pizza toppings mouthwatering that made me want for more.

cheese burger pizza hutThe new out of this world combination that I advice for you to try! Cheese burger or pizza? You decide! Is the New Cheese Burger Pizza more of a burger or more of a pizza? Why?

You can have both the pizza and the cheese burger in one. As a pizza lover and my whole family. I got to take home 1 box with 2 slices in it. I gave it to my son and niece and they so like it and wanted me to buy the next day.


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