PLDT Fibr faster and better


Last two years ago about November 2011 PLDT had introduced the PLDT Fibr for home users. Eversince we heard about it we been inquiring about it when will this will be available in our area. Now its 2013 still no PLDT Fibr available in our subdivision a chosen few subdivisions around our area has it.

Last night we attended the PLDT Fibr Launch and they want to tell to the consumers the benefits of Fibr.

PLDT Fibr is the use of fiber optic cables in providing broadband services for homes with the speed up to 100mbps. Giving that high-definition on your HDTV and simultaneous internet browsing. Now PLDT Fibr is bundled up with the Telepad giving the advantage to benefit PLDT Fibr.

PLDT Telepad

The event is also graced by the very known Asian Model DJ,  DJ Tenashar.

DJ Tenashar


I hope that sooner or later PLDT Fibr will be offered in our area. Having it would be awesome for our online gaming and downloading. Yes you got it right I still do gaming and this is one of my bonding time with the boys. We could spend hours talking about the game and never bore us.



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