Samsung’s Heatpump Dryer is a great investment for your home

Rainy days are here! I hate it when I need to do my laundry usually don’t dry that fast and would smell “Kulob”. Even you already used the strongest fabric conditioner in town. I have the option to bring our laundry to the laundry shop but I hate the hassle of bringing them to the shop.

One of the most challenging times for Filipinos would be the rainy season. Flooding, heavy traffic, unpredictable loss of electricity connection, and of course, a hard time to sun and air-dry clothes. What people may not realize is the convenience a dryer can provide for the entire household.

It saves time and effort

This appliance makes laundry a simple task to guarantee more time for the family. Dryers have the ability to dry clothes at any time of the day, under any weather conditions. Just put freshly washed clothes straight to the dryer, select the right settings, and let it run until completely dry. For people living in the city, there’s no need for wide spaces to hang wet clothes.  Properly dried clothes can go straight for ironing (it actually makes it easier to iron). 

Its technology cuts electricity consumption in half

If electricity consumption is the major reason that’s keeping you from getting a dryer, consider the Samsung DV90M5200QW Heatpump dryer. With this technology, a heatpump generates heat during the cycle instead of electricity, so it consumes only half of the electricity from the conventional clothes dryer. 

To explain its process further, the Samsung DV90M5200QW Heatpump dryer collects the condensed water from your clothing rather than releasing hot air into the home. Its easy view water tank will show if it needs emptying before another load. One can also connect the tube straight to the drainage to make it a seamless experience. 

Optimal Performance 

Another energy-saving feature is the OptimalDry function which is an intelligent drying system that provides the best possible drying result using 3 sensors. During a cycle, a moisture sensor continuously monitors the humidity level in real-time and adjusts the drying time using less energy. A temperature sensor also stops your clothes from getting too hot, so it protects them from being damaged. Caring for this appliance is also made easy with the 2-in-1 Filter that captures dust and fibers to make sure it operates at its best. It has a filter alarm that notifies when the filter needs to be emptied.

Perfect for big households

This dryer also has a 9kg capacity, making it ideal for large households. Dry up to 1kg of clothes in 35 minutes with its QuickDry function. Its different programs give each garment the right care it needs. It’s also easy to forget to clean filters on appliances, but this Heatpump dryer has two alarms that alert when the filter and heat exchanger needs cleaning. It’s equipped with an advanced 2-in-1 mesh layer filter system that captures dust and fibers to maintain its optimum drying performance. 

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