Santé OFW business owners share their testaments to the brand’s commitment to helping people live better lives

Weaving dreams from afar to pursue greener pastures is one of the options most Filipinos take to provide and achieve the lives they want for themselves and their families, even if it means emotional sacrifice to our’ kababayans.’ 

Sharing the same aspiration, Santé, a premier natural and organic health and wellness product and services provider, has always been committed to helping everyone live better lives. Whether it is a natural health and wellness products or financial opportunities, there is always more in store at Santé.  

In the recent online event of Santé Singapore to celebrate its 4th anniversary, three remarkable overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) shared their success stories on how Santé helped change and shape their journeys to have better lives. 

Success after a series of rejections 

Ma. Nellen Criz Baron, a five-year former OFW, considers Santé a ‘fast vehicle’ in hitting her goal. 

“I started my Santé journey way back in 2017 when it opened its Singapore Global Branch. During my days off, I spent my time at Santé’s office attending presentations and training. I was eager to provide a better life for my family in the Philippines. So, despite the challenges and rejections-after-rejections, I did not give up.” 

Indeed, Baron’s determination paid off. From borrowing money from lenders on Sundays, she was able to pay her debt years after. She was a consistent gadget qualifier and is currently a Platinum Executive Director at Santé. 

After years of hard work and turning strangers into friends and business partners, Baron is now at home in the Philippines, spending time with her family while continuing her Santé journey.  

A possibility to earn dollars and pesos 

“What is the chance of a single mother like me to raise a child and provide a better life with only a basic salary?” This is how the seven-year OFW Mary Ann Castro greeted her viewers.   

With a heavy heart, she left her family with the hopes of sending her son to a better school someday. “It is not easy to leave my family to work for other families. However, I have a dream for my son. And while being an OFW in Singapore was good, it was still a challenge for me to save more, no matter how hard I worked, until I discovered Santé,” she shared. 

“That time, I did not have marketing skills or knowledge about the business, but I had my dreams. So, after availing of a Builder Pack, I put my time and heart onto it and kept in mind that if I do not try something new, nothing will happen,” Castro said. 

Castro is living proof that success comes after consistency and focus. After three months with Santé, she proudly hit the rank of Executive Director. “I believed in the promises of Santé products. And with that, I was blessed to be able to earn dollars and pesos. I discovered that Santé is my passion because I want to help people live better lives,” she ended. 

Hitting two birds with one stone 

For nurse manager Marviolet Baltazar, her Santé story began with hitting two birds with one stone: healing herself and then healing others. 

Like any other Filipino dreamer, Baltazar was on a search for an extra income when she discovered Santé. “I believe I was the second person in Singapore to register as an e-Franchisee in 2019. At that time, I was up to do the business as long as I was earning. That’s how I started. Later on, Santé surprised me in so many ways.” 

Baltazar shared that she suffers from a rare disease causing her to experience constant migraines and gastritis from her hospital duties. “I was only selling at first. And then I tried the products myself. I woke up one day without throbbing migraines and an upset stomach. From there, I shared Santé’s goodness with my staff. Every day, I gave them Santé Barley Capsule and Daily-C to support their immune systems against COVID-19.” 

Through Santé products, Baltazar revealed that her co-workers infected with the virus had milder symptoms and required a shorter recovery period. “I also shared it with my husband and children. I am proud to say that my family is COVID-free up to now.” 

Santé is one of the leading global manufacturers of certified barley grass grown and harvested from New Zealand. With its mission to help people live better lives, the company promotes, produces, and distributes premier natural health and wellness products and services. Today, Santé has expanded its offerings, including a fitness and rehabilitation center with Santé Fitness Lab, staying true to its thrust of promoting a healthy lifestyle.  

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