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See the Real Me Teen Empowerment just recently launched together with CareFree Philippines, Modess Angels and Clean and Clear.
Teens nowadays are so lucky having such campaign along with company support. I remember during my days that the voices of the teens are never heard. Talking about puberty and teen experience and problems is not called attention by the adults.


During the launch the See the Real Me anthem was performed by Krissy and Ericka, Clean & Clear brand ambassador.

After the performance selected students from Makati High School along with Teen psychologist from Cribs Foundation, Aileen Sison talked about puberty and teen experiences.





J&J also provides platforms to make the campaign easily accessible to teen girls. Through digital media, it will be showing video testimonials about real teens talking about the challenges they encounter and expressing who they really are. And through on-ground efforts, there will be various educational teen programs in-store, as well as the J&J See the Real Me Teen-Powerment School Program.

After three decades of partnerships with schools nationwide, J&J elevates its program by going beyond physical education and digging deeper into the psychological, emotional, and social components. This school program will initially go to hundreds of schools in the country, with the drive to help give teens the courage to show their real selves and tell them that puberty isn’t something to be scared of – and, on the contrary, that it should be celebrated.

For more information, log on to Johnson & Johnson’s brand pages and see how it is inspiring teens to have the courage to #seetherealme:

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