Shaping sustainable skylines, forging lasting customer experience

Daiichi Properties elevates customer experience with SAP C4C Service

MANILA, Philippines August 17, 2022— — In recent years, the adoption of sustainable practices in real estate has been increasing, especially with the growing demand to initiate change. According to the United Nation’s 2021 Global Status Report for Building and Construction, building operations account for 27 percent of global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. With construction added, this number rises to 37 percent.

With this reality, real estate developers are now embracing sustainable practices in their projects to help tackle this challenge. In the Philippines, Daiichi Properties is among these companies. With a homegrown legacy in acquiring, designing, and developing world-class projects, the Philippine-based real-estate developer strives to build long-lasting structures that are both functional and environmentally friendly. Daiichi Properties is behind the award-winning and premium office buildings in Metro Manila’s central business districts, including World Plaza, The Finance Centre, One World Place and the upcoming 56 Central.

With almost 30 years of shaping skylines, Daiichi Properties is known for sustainable architecture, design, and engineering. Complementing its award-winning projects with world-class property and customer-centric service, Daiichi Properties formed Daiichi Property Solutions (DPS), its own property management arm in 2017, to provide the utmost quality of real estate solutions to its partners and clients.

However, ensuring a seamless and elevated customer experience is not an easy feat. With the increase in properties managed by DPS concern from its tenants likewise increased as well. Furthermore, record keeping concerning equipment and service charges may have increased human errors as they were prepared by different personnel from each building.

To address this challenge, Daiichi Properties together with its property management arm DPS integrated SAP C4C Service with SAP Plant Maintenance within SAP S/4HANA. Through these SAP intelligent technologies, Daiichi improved interactions with tenants and properly maintained the records of all the issues, equipment, and cost charging to clients. With the data on hand, Daiichi made sound decisions that continuously elevated their service level to customers.

“SAP C4C has been helping us build on our customer relationships by offering a faster and more efficient feedback mechanism. It also helped us effectively monitor and track customer concerns with its ticket-based documentation system,” J. Joel Cruz, General Manager, Daiichi Property Solutions, said.

“Nowadays, organizations need to be highly agile and swift to navigate disruptions in the business landscape. As real-estate developers like Daiichi Properties embark on their digital transformation journey, they become a testament that technological tools like Cloud and AI can help forge a lasting customer experience. SAP aims to continue providing solutions to help companies like Daiichi Properties as they innovate to carve out new markets for persistent problems, define new markers for themselves, and embrace technology to transform their businesses while helping speed up economic recovery,” said Rudy Abrahams, Vice President, Head of SAP SuccessFactors, South East Asia and interim Managing Director SAP Philippines.

With this integration, Daiichi was able to reduce customer complaints by 87.2 percent and achieved an average of 60 percent of closing of tickets per day. The company also gained 93 percent SLA compliance and a remarkable 98 percent positive feedback on the customer satisfaction survey. On top of these outcomes, the company had more time to focus on major concerns and anticipate possible issues.

As an implementation partner, Chesca Gallegos as Managing Director Delaware Managed Services and IT Consulting, Inc. said, “Like Delaware, Daiichi puts the customer at the front and center of its business initiatives. This demonstrates that they go beyond property management — they enable their customers’ lifestyles. Every touchpoint with the customer must be delightful, and Daiichi saw the need to do this at scale and with the help of SAP they are able to make this a reality.”

These digital innovations made by Daiichi Properties were recently recognized as it was among the companies nominated for the ‘Most Transformational’ and ‘Most Adaptable’ awards in the recent SAP Best Run Awards for SEA 2021.

The full details about the SAP Best Run Awards for SEA 2021 are available on this link.

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