Sharp J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner comfort this summer

Mommy summer vacation of our kids are near and they will be at home the whole day. Surely our kids would complain our the heat because they are used of the aircon while they are at school. Having an electric fan is not enough to beat that heat and will only circulate that humid air around.

I been also thinking of buying aircon so that not only my kids would benefit but the whole family as well. With the heat you can’t concentrate and work well and you would rather lie down and conserve that energy you have.

In choosing in a aircon first factor it should be inverter type. Why? We should know that inverter appliance are energy efficient and could cut down your energy consumption compared to the regular aircon.

New Split Type AirCon PRChoose the air conditioning unit that best fits your home and your budget. With a range of models to choose from Sharp presents its full air conditioner line-up, all equipped with varying features that provide cooling comforts during the hottest of days.

Sharp J-Tech Inverter Air Conditioner, you do not need to choose between keeping cool and saving energy.   Its smart energy-saving system allows you to adjust the cooling speed by 0.5⁰C increments – so that you can control your energy consumption and coolness at the same time.


– J-Tech Inverter Operation

– Coanda Airflow/Gentle Cool Air Mode

– Auto-Restart Function

– Low Wattage

– Powerful Jet Mode

– 12-hour On/Off Timer

– Best Sleep Mode

– Baby Sleep Mode

– Eco Mode

– Up to 60% Energy Savings


Visit the nearest authorized Sharp dealer to know more about the new Sharp J-Tech Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner line-up. You can also visit Sharp’s official website at or check out Sharp Philippines on Facebook and on Instagram.

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