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Once in a fastfood chain in Makati  I notice there are people doing sign language with using their laptops. I just wondered how this people are able to order?  Noticing they have someone who write’s down their orders and the one who tell the cashier the orders.  But how for example that they don’t have someone that can talk to cashier and can communicate by sign language back to them.

 Just recently I attended a campaign giving the deaf equal access to communication. Also for the exposure to employment opportunities, voting registration, educational grants and more. Everyone must be given equal rights regardless of its disabilities or race. Here in the Philippines we are not that aware or I can say that often our government  neglect about this.


Now Bagong Henerasyon party-list Representative Bernaddette Herrera-Dy, the congresswoman campaign for the passing of the bill entitled, “Video Relay Service – House Bill  No. 5670.”


 What is VRS?


VRS (Video Relay Service) is developed to give the deaf community equal access to communications. Its major components are specialized devices callled the V-Pads and the trained sing language interpreter designed to provide assistance. A V-Pad is a touch screen videophone with which a deaf user can ask for the help of a trained interpreter for specialized teleconferencing service that enables the deaf user to conveniently converse with virtually anyone in the country for free. With the aid of VRS, deaf or hearing-impaired individuals can now sign a message and get real-time response in seconds.

Another historic event after MATA EXPO 2012 in the Philippines. It’s Visual Music Carnival 2012 on May 12, 2012 from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight in Amoranto Stadium Complex, Quezon City. It’s Fund Raising Event for Video Relay Service projects.

Entrance Ticket Fee: P 150.00
FREE Rides
FREE Stuffs (Give Aways)
FREE Game Tokens
FREE Skate Plays

Expected number of attendees = 10,000+

Jumper and outdoor rides
Carnival games
Battle of the bands
Group of bands on stage performance (With LIVE sign language interpreter on LCD billboard screen)
Photo booths
Food and vendor booths
Skate board demo / playground
Cosplay exhibits / contests
Prizes and more FUN..

Don’t miss it. Historic and Fun!

Rock stars, Celebrities, Skaters, Cosplayers, Artists, and Everyone will attend there and have a GREAT FUN! At the same time, supporting the Video Relay Service projects via TSND – Telecommunication Service Network for the Deaf, Inc.

This event will lead us to installing Public VRS Stations in the following locations with high population of deaf and hard of hearing students:

Philippine School for the Deaf
Lagro High School
Miriam College-Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf
De La Salle – College of St. Benilde

Sponsors: Bagong Henerasyon, Music Source, Aloha boardsports, THE, MYX TV, Anime Alliance Philippines, Jiao Ming Glutathione Whitening Soap, Geiser Maclang Marketing Company, and GreenVAS Communications. — with Glenn Ford Salas.


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