Star Karting now open at Starmall Alabang

I had driven a car, motorbike, pickup truck but never tried to drive a go-kart. I never tried to karting ever because I hate being outdoors under the sun for a long time. I love speed that comes with the adrenaline rush with it.
Me and my son was invited by our fellow blogger/motoring enthusiast Jayson for a Blogger’s Karting Challenge. Of course we cannot resist the invitation and we never tried Go-Karting. Even the location is quite distant from our place still we manage our way to Alabang.
Star Karting
Star Karting is also known as City Kart Racing when they are still located at Park Square 1.  Before they are located at Park Square 1 but due to the building is scheduled to be demolished they relocated at Alabang. Now Star Karting is located at Starmall Alabang, 3rd floor car parking area.
Star Karting also known as City Kart Racing has been in the Go-Karting since 2010. They been host for parties, events, and races for go-kart enthusiast. As of now Star Karting is still putting and setting up the venue to get that ultimate feel of go-kart racing at Starmall.
Carlos Lorenzo and Tai
We are assisted by the very known go-kart Tai Zulberti and Carlos Lorenzo both City Kart Racing Team Pro drivers. Carlos showed us the basics of karting and some techniques while driving.
Carlos Lorenzo showing us basic flag
Karting is easy it’s just like playing in the arcade but this time your real moving speeding the tracks. You don’t need to know how to drive a stick shift because karts just have the acceleration and breaks pedals. So your speed will depend on how you step on the gas and breaks.
At first we are given a few rounds to get the feel of the tracks and the go-kart. Next is we are timed to determine our rankings.
Star Karting
The next round we’re divided into two groups the first group consist of the first 7 bloggers is the fastest. The 2nd group is the remaining bloggers in the rankings. I was not aware of the results and how they rank the drivers. I just wanted to enjoy the experience of having to drive a go-kart. I even got the time to wave to the camera for some photo ops. hehehe!!!!
They called me, Jeremy and Ronald that we going to race each other. I didn’t know it’s already race for finals to determine who will be the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placers. I was tired already for our final race and knowing these boys drive serious. I just enjoyed my last lap around the track.
Star Karting Bloggers winners
For sure me and my kids will come here to have that one of a kind bonding experience. That even they are still young they can fulfill their dreams to be able to drive and feel the speed.
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