SugarLeaf foods that nourish: Living, eating more healthily

Tired of eating fastfood and decided to eat healthy we just found one you might wanted to try. Sugarleaf is a place that offers organic food and produced goods. A one-stop-shop for healthy food finds free-range chicken, eggs, pork, kefir milk, yogurt, kambucha, carabao and cow’s milk, organic highland coffee and rice, non-GMO tofu, natural sweeteners (coco sugar, stevia, coco nectar), home-made dips and dressings, air-dried tea, among others.

Today we are supposed to go to Sugarleaf Makati but with some delay we’re not able to come and able to see their Makati branch. But we decided to pass by their Wilson branch instead once we are within the area. I really wanted to see their place for myself. WHY? As a breastfeeding mom I always see to it that I get the best nourishment and avoid those artificial or processed foods. As we all know fastfood is not good for our diet. Eating it healthy is the best way and Sugarleaf offer those food for us. Once we get to visit their branch I will update you with our photos.

As of now try to browse their menu and you can see how really healthy you can be by eating right.

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Sugarleaf foods that nourish






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