TOP MOM: Now launching today


Today is the launch of the Top Moms website! Visit and learn more about your parenting style by taking our fun quiz, “What kind of Top Mom are you?” Read blogs by mom experts Dr. Anna Vazquez and Dr. Empress Carlos-Villapando, talk to other moms in the forums, and check out the fun Photos of the Week submitted by Top Moms.

TOP MOMS is an online partner of Mommy Matters that helps parent giving out information, tips and everything that a parent is looking for. Also you can find and learn more information about OFF! Lotion.

I even tried their very short and informative quiz its very easy because you just need to choose among the options. The question are sitiuational and answers are the thing you will do on the given situation. Look on my results after the short quiz and I can say is it true that I am this kind of parent.

Come and join me also on their online forum that every parents would need. You can ask questions, give tips and suggestions to other parents or just plain sharing of ideas. So what are you waiting for and be a part of TOP MOMS newest online community for parents.



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