Unilever and StratWorks and my Christmas Eve Surprise


It’s already December 24, 2013 when all are busy preparing for Christmas Eve Celebration. We always never forget to prepare a simple feast in where the whole family would enjoy in the coming of Christmas day.

I’m a kind of person who doesn’t expect much in receiving gifts from other people because of the economic situation we have. But this is different that 2 consecutive years they never forget to send a token of appreciation to us bloggers. With such gesture I myself appreciate it so much and also I can get the chance to try out their other products.

I opened the package in Christmas Eve itself and very happy of each product it contains. I shared the products with the whole family. I already gave all the men products to my dad and my eldest Jeremy of highgearfullthrottle.com. The other beauty product I am sharing it with my mom so she can also try it out and see if the product is right for her. With the other stuff like toothpaste, body soap, and lotions is for the whole family.


I would like to thank Unilever for this special surprise that you really made my Christmas Eve special. Also I won’t forget the people behind StatWorks that never forget us bloggers in their campaign.

They knew that even it would take us 2 hours travel just to get to the meeting place or to the event we will be there. We for last minute calls we would do everything to be present in their events. It’s not the token and the food in the events what is worthwhile. For me is worthwhile is the friendship between the bloggers, PR companies and companies.

They been so nice, friendly and supportive to us and in return we can assure our support and loyalty. Hope that you won’t get tired of us and even sometimes we have our shortcomings but you can count on us when you need us.


Thanks you so much Unilever and StratWorks!!!





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