Victorias Secret Philippines at Newport Mall

After watching a movie I told my son Jeremy that we need to go to the ATM so I can have cash to pay our parking fee. Upon nearing the place where ATM’s can be found at Newport Mall, Resort World Manila. I can’t believe my eyes and the same time so exhilarated.

Victoria's Secret Newport Mall, Resort World Manila

Victoria’s Secret Newport Mall, Resort World Manila


Victoria's Secret Newport Mall

Victoria’s Secret Newport Mall

Victoria's Secret Newport Mall

I often have to ask or order from my relatives from the States to be able get my hands to that Victoria’s Secret products. I got to know and love Victoria’s Secret collections when got to check their products during my vacation in the States. I just able to buy only a body mist. I was not able to buy an Eau de Parfum  some priorities what is need to be purchased.


Victoria's Secret Love is Heavenly

Victoria’s Secret Love is Heavenly


Victoria's Secret Angel

Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold


Victoria's Secret Eau de Parfum that I like

Victoria’s Secret Eau de Parfum that I like

These are some few fragrances that I liked and would be planning in the future hopefully. Maybe you would ask why so many? Of course it depends on the occasion, mood and when to wear such fragrance.


Oh! Also been dreaming to have that fashionable Victoria’s Secret bag. I would be ecstatic to have one that I could bring when I attend events and special occasions.

Victoria's Secret Store Staff

Victoria’s Secret Store Staff – Kath and Jasmin

IMAG2041 I got to meet these lovely women of Victoria’s Secret Kath and Jasmin and they are so friendly and accommodating in every question I asked.

Now we don’t need to order from abroad just to have that Victoria’s Secret item. Or you don’t need to order online also. In visiting Victoria’s Secret Store you are assured you get authentic items.

victoria's secret store Location

victoria’s secret store Location

Victorias Secret Philippines Store at the Ground Flood of Newport Mall of Resort’s World Manila.

*** This is not a paid post nor and event. I made this post on my own and without any influence of the staff or management of Victoria’s Secret. I like the brand that’s why written this post. I believe that if you support a brand you can write about it with or without an event is held to promote their product or services.


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9 thoughts on “Victorias Secret Philippines at Newport Mall

  1. Wow, this one’s definitely bigger than the domestic airport’s VS boutique. I wonder what’s the price range of the bags that they’re selling? Is it the same with the prices in US? 🙂

    • singlemomsupermom

      Yes this is the very first store of Victoria’s Secret in the Philippines. About the price range the sales ladies told me there is a fraction of difference regarding with the price if we compare with US price. Nothing new about that with regards with the taxes we have once its imported. I asked about the perfume love is heavenly the 75ml bottle cost at around 2k+. Try to compute it it’s almost the same from abroad.

  2. Cza

    Do they have bikinis in this boutique? 🙂

    • singlemomsupermom

      Yes they do have almost everything for what I see.

    • CharmediAm

      No, they don’t. They do have underwear on sale, but no swimwear. I was there just last Saturday to buy some perfume and I happen to ask one of the employees because I’ve also been wanting to check out their bikinis myself. He told me that unfortunately, they don’t have bikinis and apparel in their store right now and they’re not sure if they’re going to have it in the future as well. He also told me that not everything we see on the VS website will be available in the Philippine store (this is also because there are products that are being sold exclusively in Asia but not in the US, and vice versa). I’m still hoping though. Just sharing.

  3. Adri Tion

    SERVICE STINKS in this store . . . WATCH OUT!!! the company is more to blame than the employees (who are most probably being taken advantage of) due to lack of proper training or the company have intentionally trained their employees (without them knowing) that they are gouging their customers and is into deceiving or doing subtle stealing techniques in the sale of their products and items on sale . . . or the issue is even deeper than this experience! On 31May14, a friend with her sister made two separate purchases (the same products) wherein some of the products were on sale. Upon return to their room at the hotel (Marriott) they found out that my friend’s credit card was charged 2T pesos more than her sister’s purchases. Since it was past midnight, they had to wait until the next day (1Jun14) to go back to the store. At about noon, we went back to the store. After waiting, she was able to talk to two sales ladies, then to a cashier, who indicated that it is a computer glitch or error and she couldn’t help her but was referred to another lady; however, the other lady also told her that no one in the store has the authority to issue refunds and have to wait until 3:00 pm. Just imagine yourself being in this situation: you were overcharged by the company and instead of the company doing the right thing, they give you a run around and keep you hostage! Now they are stocked, frustrated and all stressed out as well . . . they have already checked out of the hotel to go back to the province but have to wait for almost 3 more hours just to see the store’s manager! Let’s pass-forward: at about 4PM, again, after waiting, she was able to talk to the manager, just to be told that it is the computer that didn’t function properly why the items on sale were not credited to her purchases . . . and . . . with so much runaround talk (bullshit!), then she was told that the manager cannot issue the refund, but she instead asked for her credit card and name . . . and that she will call her bank and for her to just check with her bank the next coming Tuesday to see if the refund was issued. This is a very small amount, but there’s a principle behind this . . . and how many more people have to go thru this terrible experience . . . and since most customers don’t raise the issue or complain and they just ignore it, the company continues to get away with stealing and treating their customers terribly.
    Is this happening only in the Philippines? Is this company really owned by Victoria’s secret?
    Will continue to pursue this issue!!!!

    • singlemomsupermom

      Sad to here that your friends have to go thru such hassle just to clear out the issue. Did they have the names of the employees they got to talk and the manager? Hope you can update us about this so that customers would know what to do and to call attention of the establishment. If such hassle happens to me of course, I too will get furious and stressed out.

  4. Beth

    HI, can you give me an idea about the price of a pair of undies?

  5. do they sell bras also?

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