The Walking Dead season 4 on #TWDonFox


I have been a fan of the The Walking Dead since the First Season.  It’s one of the shows that will keep you on your toes. From Rick waking up in a hospital and discovering he lost everything, Sophia walking out of the barn, the group discovering Hershels farm, Laurie giving birth and being shot by her own son, discovering Woodbury being run by the Governor to Hershel being beheaded – surprises does not end.  With the half of the Fourth Season set to premiere this Sunday, here are the things that would keep me glued every week:

  • Give Daryl a love interest. He deserves to hug not just a crossbow but someone who can reciprocate. As long as this love interest will not have him dead, were all good with it.
  • Give us confirmation that the Governor is dead. Everyone hates him. A new villain will not hurt.
  • Bring back Judith. But if it’s not possible, a baby walker will be cool.
  • Rick letting go of the past and being the leader again. The last thing we want is for Carl to die because of his mad dad.
  • We want to know Beth more. She deserves to be more than the babysitter.
  • Tyreese finds Carol and kills her and Carol biting him afterwards.  It wouldn’t matter.
  • Keep the scenes that would make us shout and go far from our screens. (Try watching the scene when Karen went to the shower room while Patrick is turning to a walker. The cinematography just rock)
  • Let us know the characters more. Go in depth with the characterization. We’ve seen enough walkers.

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